Tumeric Spice Capsules

Tumeric Spice Capsules

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Turmeric is mother nature anti-inflammatory soldier; it is an herb that tends to ease inflammatory issues with no additional help. 

Inflammatory issues such as:

-Headaches - Inflamed nerve endings

- arthritis- inflammed joints

- Uterine Cramps- eases menstrual cramps

-muscle soreness- helps eases inflamed muscles

-Pregnant mother has a headache- safe to ingest a small amount such as 2 capsules. Please get clearance from your doctor for more than 4 in a 24 hour period. (Its organic in nature but every pregnancy is different!!!) 

There are many more areas that turmeric can help ease the pain; east indians consume up to 250G of this spice daily with great health benefits. 


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