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Mother Nature's Medicine Cabinet

2014 was the year that our daughters eczema was at an all time high, and all the doctor could do was prescribe her medicine; in turn this medicine was breaking her out, and leaving her skin thin. During this year I began to research ingredients that were straight from nature to help rebuild her skin. I found that mother nature has an abundance of resources to help heal our daughter from the symptoms of eczema. Once we recognized the symptoms we noticed that mainstream lotions, deodorants, and other products were riddled with skin irritants; even products that were for sensitive/eczema afflicted skin! Thus Lotus Organics was born in August 2016 out of the need for a true line of skin products that help rebuild the skin while moisturizing. Mother Nature has provided everything on this earth for us; and it is time we heed what she has given us.

Its time to take care of your skin

"SkinCare; Nature's Way" 


From Fresh picked lavender & Chamomile to the freshly ground arrow root powder and diatemaceous earth. Every one of our ingredients are organic, and can easily be found in nature. Our business only invests in ingredients that are pure; such as some of our essential oils : patchoulli  and bergamot. 70% of our ingredients come right from our own backyard garden; we stride to attain the best out of each ingredients in each small batch we produce. Our Butters that server as the moisturizing agents such as: our raw Shea butter is shipped directly from the Country of Ghana in Africa, and our raw cocoa butter is from Bangladesh, India


Directly from nature herself

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"We do not "go natural"; we return to the original ways"

— Unknown

"Planting roots for the first time"


The life I have lived has been the most adventurous; I have been able to treck the world with my parents as my father served time in the United States Air Force. For 16 years I spent my life outside of the United States of America; missing out on vital culture that ties me to my heritage. Luckily During the Summers I would spend in my hometown of Detroit, MI; taking the time to get to know my family, and discover roots that run deep on this land. My grandfather a gardener; set the foundation of my life by showing me everything we ever needed is right beneath my feet. Everything from healing to food, and re-hydration; mother nature has given us more than enough to get us through our lives. But with my grandfather wisdom; he has helped me discover my purpose in my life; to help others, and to help them remember the ways of our ancestors; and how to care for our largest organ on our bodies; without the need of harmful chemicals.